Zoom in on Class 4.

This Friday, the 24th April, at 10.30 I will be holding a Zoom meeting for Class 4 so that we can see each other, I’ve now got a beard, and show some of our work.

I have scheduled a meeting on Zoom. To keep the meeting safe and secure, a link to join the meeting will be sent separately via parent mail along with a password that will need to be input to join. This is new to me so expect a few technical difficulties!

When it comes to the scheduled time, click the link in the parent mail and you will be taken to the page to join the meeting. You will then need to input the password provided to join in the meeting and see everybody.

It is important that children are supervised during this meeting (though I’m not expecting all parents to have their five minutes of fame on camera).

I am hoping that this will be a chance for the children to see some of their friends, to share some of the amazing work that has been going on and to ask any questions about the work going on. If it is successful, it is something we can think about doing more often.

Once again, the meeting will take place on Zoom from 10:30 – 11:00. You will be sent a parent mail with the link to access and the password you need.

Mr Hopegood