Scene Story Time!

Class 3 listened to a lovely story written by Kathy Henderson called A Year in the City. The story uses beautiful descriptions to show how the city changes as the year turns. Within the story, no two months are the same: the snow and ice of January; the wind of February; March and spring-cleaning; April and the bustle of the Easter holidays; golden October and Hallowe’en; and December with its Christmas lights, carol singers and shoppers.

The children used A Year in the City and an adaption A Year in the Playpark to learn and developed their descriptive writing skills to create their own Scene Story about a chosen familiar setting. They used adjectives to describe how it changes through the seasons with a focus on the senses to support their descriptions. . .

The children were extremely proud of their published scene stories and thoroughly enjoyed reading them to Class 2 this week!

Super writing Class 3!

Class 3 team!