Tights and tragedy – reading activity over Christmas. 🎄🎁

Good afternoon all,

When we get back from Christmas our new topic will be… Tights and Tragedy! Based on the poetry, play scripts and stories by William Shakespeare.

Our first story will be ‘A midsummer night’s dream’.

Below are screenshots from the book. Please ensure you read the first part of the story so we are able to quickly summarise and start our learning when we get back. Please do not read past this point.

Make sure to :

  • Discuss the language being used -what does it mean, are there any alternative words you can use etc
  • Ask questions – why were they feeling that way? What might happen next? Could they have acted differently? Why is this part important?
  • Predict what might happen next.

Other than that, have a lovely holidays and the whole team wishes you a very Merry Christmas (Nadolig Llawen).