Class 3 Daily Learning – 05.01.21

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all safe, well and taking care of yourselves. For the moment, I will be placing activities on here to do each day. What I will say to you is, get done what you can. Once again these are extraordinary circumstances and I know balancing everything is not easy.

I would appreciate if you would be able to have a look at Google Classroom as well over the course of the day/ week. You would be doing us a huge favour by having a look as I can more easily provide a range of activities on there. There is also work to do on MyMaths as well.

For today, I would like you to have a look at the following:

English: Invasion Vocabulary

We’ll be looking a little more at vocabulary today. These words are all related to our invasion topic. Can you find out what they mean?

Jutes, rune, mead, manuscript, illumination, berserker, jarl, figurehead, chieftain, chainmail, longhouse, raid, Valhalla, Danelaw, thatch, wattle-and-daub

If you’re up for it, see if you can write sentences that include those words as well.

Maths: Multiplication

Warm up: Have a go at some Maths Fishing – or use playing cards to practice your multiplication facts.


I have provided 2 multiplication search challenges. One goes up to 10x tables, and one goes up to 19x for more of a challenge. You have to try to find and circle the questions and answers. There is an example of how this is done on the sheet. You might need another sheet of paper to work out some of your answers on. There are answer sheets with the activities as well.

History: Who were the Anglo Saxons?

Have a look at this very informative page from the BBC. See what you can learn about who the Anglo Saxons were and what they were like. Coming from Essex (East Saxons), we have a lot of Saxon heritage in the area.

Write notes on what you find out – then perhaps you’d like to have a go at drawing the Sutton Hoo helmet. I’ve included a picture to use.

I will be working on re-organising Google Classroom to set work going forward, so have a look on there as the day goes on.

As ever, all the best, take care of each-other and see how you get on.

Mr. Este