Homework – 09.11.20

Good morning all!

I hope everyone is doing well and you’ve had a restful half-term and good first week back.

I am glad to say that our technical issues are fixed and I am now able to blog homework on here again.

You already have the termly sheet which was handed out before half-term – and we’ve had a lot of positive responses to this already.

I will be setting extra tasks on here as well now I have it working correctly. These will follow on from what we are working on in class.

They will go out on a Monday and be due in on the Friday. I want to make sure, particularly under the current restrictions, that the children are able to relax over the weekend.

You will have spellings, a Maths task and an English task. There may be other tasks that pop up every now and again to complete if the children wish to.

In the Maths task – you will need to choose a number from the centre, then fill the gaps in the questions. The children are used to doing this in class in quick maths. The numbers and some of the tasks will change weekly.

Spellings will be tested on the Friday. To keep things simple, set 2 is Year 3s and set 3 is Year 4s. The children doing Set 1 will be informed. You are welcome to try other sets as needed.

The English task will be a follow on from what we have been doing in class. For example, this week it will focus on inverted commas for speech since that is what we are currently covering.

You’ll find attached the tasks to have a go at this week.

Many thanks for your patience and support – it is not going unnoticed.

Take care,

Mr. Este