Hello Class 3!

Good afternoon all,

Apologies for the radio silence – I have been having a few technical issues which have made it difficult for me to start blogging etc.

Fortunately, those issues are now (mostly) solved.

A few updates for you…

Firstly, we’ve all had a great start to the year. Everyone is already working really hard and we’ve just completed our first long piece of writing.

Secondly, we’ve started our reward chart in class. Children can move up to green for great learning and blue for outstanding learning. Those who move on to blue get a certificate and a phone call home to fill you in on how fantastic their learning has been.

Thirdly, Google Classroom is now ready to use for our class. The children’s logins will be put in their reading records next week. I will put homework tasks on there as and when they fit in with our work. There will be weekly spellings and times tables tasks.

Finally, well done! The children are doing really well. They are calm and ready to work. I look forward to sharing more of our excellent work with you soon.

Take care,

Mr. Este