Google Classroom

Good morning everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe through this difficult time. Thank you very much for your patience in sorting Google Classroom – I know it can be stressful getting these things working to start with but I know from last year that it is certainly worth it when it is working. I am aware some children still do not have their login details – I am working with tech support to get these sent to me so I can send them out.

Here’s a quick guide for those who are unfamiliar/ need a reminder on how to use it.

Go to

  1. Login with your the address and password.
  2. You’ll be prompted to Accept a couple of terms before you get in.
  3. On the following screen, click on student.

4. Clicking on Class 3 will take you in to the work area.

5. The home screen will let you know the goings on. I may place messages on here from time to time as well.

6. Click on Classwork to be taken to the set activities.

7. You only need to worry about the ‘Homework’ section of the screen. The Archived Work is where I move activities once they are completed.

8. Click an activity to see its contents. In this example, I’ll go into English.

9. You will have instructions on how to complete the activity. You may also have a document to use for the activity. These can be found in one of the two places I have circled:

10. Once you have completed the work, you can click the ‘Hand in’ button – which will allow me to see work and give feedback.

11. Clicking the ‘Add or create’ button will allow you to upload a file or picture if it is relevant to the task.

12. Stick with it; it does get easier!

Spelling groups will be going out today.

Take care,

Mr. Este