This Week’s Learning – Class 3 (22.06.20)

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is well. I would just like to start with a thank you. I continue to be kept in good cheer by all the wonderful things I see happening and hear about; it’s wonderful to see people still in such good spirits.

This week, we will be focusing on our next British historical period – the Normans. The Norman era began in 1066 when William defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. There is still a lot of evidence of the Normans in the country – not least their impressive and imposing castles. Hedingham Castle, about 40 minutes from D’Arcy, is one of the best preserved Norman keeps in the country. And of course Colchester Castle, which I’m sure many of you have visited, is the largest remaining Norman keep in Europe.

The BBC have a series of 6 videos explaining about the Normans.

Work should now be accessible on Google Classroom. I will add more to the Maths and English as the week goes on. – you should be able to login from this link with the details sent through ParentMail.

I have moved everything from last week in to an Archived Work section in case there is anything you would like to finish.

Have a great start to the week and I look forward to seeing what people achieve this week.

Mr. Este