Class 3 Weekly Learning: 08.06.20

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I hope everyone’s keeping well. I’ve had some absolutely great work through this week and I’ve also received some lovely e-mails from people. As this continues to go on, we can only keep helping each-other out and supporting each-other when we’re finding things difficult. I will try my best to maintain contact as often as possible while I am in school. I’ve uploaded on to the Dropbox now. As usual, there are a lot of tasks to choose from. Take it at your own pace and make sure you take breaks and have a run around when you need to. Your children might want to do the same as well.

I must thank one of the children (they know who they are) for pointing me towards Inkarnate – a good little site for making up fictional worlds. You need an e-mail sign up and as it’s 13+ you will need supervision; however there is no social interactions and it is more for signing up and the fact there are payable extras on there (which you won’t need). So long as your child is supervised, the site is safe.

This week is all about the Bronze Age. During the Bronze Age more people began settling in Britain and people began to melt and mould metals to make tools and weapons. People also began to work as communities more and took up farming.

You can find out more about the Bronze Age here:

It would be great if you could do some extra research on the melting points of metal and why oxygen is important in the process.

A few videos from me that might help:

Have a great week and take care,

Mr. Este