This Week’s Learning: 04.05.20

Hi everyone,

If you hadn’t guessed already, this week’s learning is all about China. We are particularly looking at Ancient, Shang Dynasty, China. I’ve included a lot of different resources and ideas on the dropbox for you to use, but you may want to go your own way with it and find some more of your own things to do. This video is a nice, clear introduction to Ancient China that you might find useful:

In case you’ve missed the link before, please find it below. As ever, take the activities at a pace you can manage – there’s plenty there to get through throughout the week.

We’re working on money in maths. There is a very useful site found here: which has examples of how to work with money, as well as some teaching videos, activities and answers to go with – I’d highly recommend using it this week.

We’re looking at report writing in English. This video might help with a bit of understanding:

I’ve given a lot of resources for writing newspaper reports. All I would say is to have a go. Even if they just have a go at writing a report about something they enjoy then I will be happy. There’s a lot more detail in the resources, but I understand not everyone has the time to go through it all. In simple terms, I would like a newspaper report written by the end of the week.

Take care, have fun and enjoy your week,

Mr. Este