Work for this week (27.04.20)

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. It was so nice seeing all the work sent in last week. I have been told the Mayan hot chocolate was well worth a try! As many of you may have worked out, we’re heading to Egypt this week to learn a bit about the Ancient Egyptians. Food and farming were key parts of life in Ancient Egypt and their relationship with the River Nile was a very important one. I wonder if you can find out why.

As it was last week, you will find all the links and information you need in the Class 3 Dropbox account.

There is a lot in there! Once again I emphasise, however, that I would only expect you do achieve what is possible with the time and resources you have. Please ignore the fact that some of the work is labelled with days, that was just to help with my own organisation. The whole point of adding everything on the Dropbox in this way was to allow people to work through what they could at their own pace.

Have a lovely rest of your day and I look forward to seeing all that is achieved this week.

Mr. Este