Useful Links for Work this Week

I thought I’d share some useful links for the work this week. As ever, do what you can and it would be lovely to see more of the work going on e-mailed in!


Lots of cool games to help with reading Roman Numerals.

A really useful little activity to help with counting up and down in steps.


This link will take you to the Children’s Poetry Archive – children should spend a lot of time listening to and reading poetry before they start to think about their own. This site is stuffed full of poems on every subject.


The BBC have an excellent set of resources that tell you about Mayan culture and history.


Art/ Design:

Some nice step-by-step guides on drawing flowers, trees and fruits that will be useful for your Art and Design work.


The BBC once again have an excellent selection of resources and videos about sound. These will be useful in helping with the scientific concepts behind the topic.

I hope these are helpful.

Mr. Este