Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize

There are a few useful lessons on both sites this week, though as before I would say have a go at anything you’re interested in!

On Oak National Academy, I would like to draw your attention to the following:


Year 3: English Comprehension lesson, PE with Joe

Year 4: Reading Comprehension – Word Meaning, PE with Joe


Year 3: Reading Comprehension – Setting and word meaning, PE with Joe

Year 4: Reading Comprehension – Fact Retrieval, PE with Joe

Nothing stands out on Wednesday


Year 3: Setting description, fronted adverbials – Might help add something to your poetry, PE with Joe

Year 4: Spag, Fronted adverbials, PE with Joe


Both Years: Foundation, Beatbox with Rhythmic Patterns, PE with Joe

As for the BBC – I’ve highlighted the useful lessons. There’s also no harm in completing the Maths lessons throughout the week.

As previously stated, I’ve just highlighted what might be useful towards this week’s work; there is absolutely no harm in dipping into other things.

I hope this is useful. As every take care and stay safe.

Mr. Este