A few things to try today – Class 3

I’ve seen some great work come in this week, both through e-mail and during our show and tell yesterday. I know that even those I haven’t seen have been working hard and trying their best so well done everyone!
I thought I’d post up a few things to have a go at today:

To get to grips with some nature and plant studies, there are a couple of great apps you can download that allow you to point your camera / take a picture of:


Seek is one of these apps. Children – make sure you ask permission before installing any app.


Plantnet is another good app to use.

Perhaps you could study and find out the plants you have in your garden and collect data or map out where everything is.


DKFindout has a really clear page of information on the Mayans I like the way the information has been presented on this one.


If you happen to have the resources available – you can have a go at making some Mayan glyphs.

As an extra little challenge:


Can you work out how Mayan numbers worked with calculations?

Can you come up with your own calculations when you’ve figured it out?

Have a great day and stay safe,

Mr. Este