Useful links for this week’s work

Hopefully, you have all received this week’s work. I have found a few more resources that might help explain and give activities to do around it. Obviously, what I put on the work that goes out are my suggestions. If you find a different way to cover the skills, then go for it! I know everyone is trying their best and it would be lovely to receive some e-mails (through the office) with some of the work you have been achieving. These links should give you some pointers with this week’s work:

A quick explanation of the grid method – year 3 should be trying to use this one.
And this is an explanation of the short method which year 4 should be looking at (although year 3 could take a sneaky peek!)

Math-aids is a fantastic site for coming up with work quickly. This link will allow you to create multiplication questions. You’ll want either 2 x 1 digits or 3 x 1 digits.

This is an explanation of modal verbs — you’ll also find more useful information if you fish around the BBC site.

Modal verb noughts and crosses is a fun little distraction. You need to make up a sentence with the word in to be able to claim the square.

Take a virtual tour of The Smithsonian Natural History Museum. You can even zoom in and read the information.

And this site will give you a good jumping off point to look at vertebrates and invertebrates.

Take care of each other and thank you for the work you’re putting in.

Mr. Este