Maths Workshop – Multiplication

Thank you to all of those who attended the Maths Workshop yesterday. The focus was times tables. We went through various activities and ways to learn times tables. We also covered the Multiplication Check that Year 4’s will be taking later in the year. Those who were not able to attend missed a lot of important information regarding this and I would implore you to either read the information in the links I will attach to this post or come in and see us to discuss it. It is very important that times tables are learned at home as well as at school – 5 minutes of practice here and there can make all the difference. I would also ask you to talk as positively as possible about your children’s ability to learn these tables. The more they feel like it means to you, the more it will mean to them.

I appreciate you taking the time to read. Please find the links to activities and information below:

This is a test similar in style to the check they will be doing.

This page gives you information about the check and several links to other games and activities.

Mr. Este