Class 2 Updates

Good evening everyone!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far, I know we have in Class 2. I would just like to take a moment to update you all on a couple things within class.

Firstly, we are using a new reward system called ClassDojo. This is an online website in which we in school can award children points for showing us amazing things like good sitting, helping others and perseverance. Parents and carers will be given access to their child’s profile in which you’ll be able to see what awards your child has achieved – so do keep an eye out on any device (phones, laptops etc).

Tomorrow your child will come home with a QR code to scan using your phones’ camera, this will give you a link to the website and log you in. If there are any questions please do come and ask myself or Mr Este.

Next point – Number Bonds

In class at the moment we are focussing heavily on memorising and using our number bonds to ten and to twenty. In order to help with this learning, we would appreciate any practice that can be done to support your child in learning their number bonds. Below, I have put a picture listing the number bonds to ten, please practice these in any way you see fit – the more creative the better (extra brownie points if you can send in any work that your child does or photos of them practicing them also work too).

A massive thank you in advance for you support!

Final point – Reading

This week, we have been reassessing the children with regards to their reading levels, some have taken STAR tests on Accelerated Reader and some have completed a phonics test. This means that by tomorrow the children should have a more accurate idea of the level of books they should be reading as well as being able to change their books for themselves. Thank you for your patience with children occasionally not coming home with a reading book – this issue should be straightened out by tomorrow as it will now be the children’s responsibility but don’t worry, I shall tell the children all about it tomorrow so they know exactly what they have to do and where to go.

And if you managed to get all the way through me waffling on – brilliant job!

-Mr Fox