The Bumblebear 04.03

Hello everyone, happy Thursday!

For today’s home learning, we’ll be continuing the current theme of bees and nature. This week, we’ve been looking at the story: The Bumblebear.

Literacy: WALT use of modelled language and range of sentence starters.

Make a leaflet which ‘advertises’ Bee school. Think about why other bees may like to go there? What do they have to offer? Should it be just for bees or bumblebears too? Think about new words we’ve learnt focusing on bees too.

Maths : 2WALT: identify and describe 2D and 3D shapes.

For our maths task, we are going to be identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes. I have linked below a group of 2D and 3D shapes, I would like you to answer these questions for each one.

Questions to answer:


  • How many sides does it have?
  • How many corners does it have?
  • What is the name of this shape?


  • How many edges does it have?
  • How many faces does it have?
  • How many vertices does it have?
  • What is the name of this shape?

ICT: WALT: understand that there are different ways to send a message and can draft an email.

Create a pretend email to a teacher using the correct format. This can be either actually typed out on a computer or you could write it, however it must follow the email format attached below. I would like for you to tell me about two skills that you have developed or been developing over the lockdown. If you are doing this virtually, you could also insert pictures. You must still write your sentences and I am looking for at least four sentences (two per skill). When you’re putting in my ‘email address’ please use this pretend one such as:

PE: WALT: plan a sequence of movements

For our last task, I would like you to create your own fitness programme inspired by Joe Wicks.

Your fitness programme must include a warm up and a cool down and must have at least four steps. I would also like you to use time openers such as: Firstly, Afterwards, Next, and Lastly. I have attached an example I have created below. Once you have created your fitness programme, it would be good to actually have a run through. You could even dress up as a crazy fitness instructor (open to interpretation). Any photos of you completing your steps and/or dressed up would be amazing to see.

I hope you have lots of fun doing these tasks, please send me all completed work as I would love to see what you guys have come up with. Cannot wait to see you all soon!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.