The Bumblebear 02.03

Hope you all had a lovely St David’s day yesterday…

Back to our bee learning now with our story The Bumblebear. How are you baby bees doing? Have any sadly popped? How are you managing to take care of them?

PSHE: Knowing and understanding what a community is. Thinking about the story, what community did the Bumblebear want to belong to? Was he already art of a community? Can you belong to more than one? If so, give some examples. What communities do you belong to? Is having a community important? Why?

Science/Research: What is pollination and how do bees help this? Using research, find out what pollination is and how the bees support this process. Why is it important? What does it do?

Science: What is pollination? Thinking of pollination again, how could YOU show the process of pollination? Get creative. I have a key word that may help at the moment, that key word is WOTSITS…

Or you could use this song below to help you and make up a pollination dance to it….

Maths: Multiplication game – choose your own challenge.

Have a great day of learning – check My Maths as well for more learning.

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.