Well-being & creative week – Inside out 09.02

Art: WALT – Explore the use of warm or cold colours. There are five main emotions controlling Riley – joy, sadness, fear, disgust and anger. What other emotions can you think of? Can you create a character for an emotion you have come up with? What colour would they be? What would they look like? What would they do?

Speaking and Listening/ICT/PSHE: WALT – to choose words and gestures for different situations. Can you choose an emotion and perform a scene for it. What has happened? Why is that emotion in control? How might the emotion make you react? How might the body move? Perhaps you could record your performance?

Art: Step by step – how to draw Joy.

Well-being check list/calendar activity: Over the rest of this week and the holidays, see how many of these well-being activities you can tick off! Some of them might be easy and you do them everyday already, some may be a little tricker…

Please download the document if needed (below).

Have a good day of learning all!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.