Welcome back Class 2! The very greedy bee 22.02

Welcome back Class 2! I hope you all had a lovely week of relaxing and having a fun time with your family.

This term we will be learning all about Bees, butterflies and blooms (flowers). I am a bit disappointed as we were in lockdown last year for this part of the learning and that’s why I changed it to the earlier term…still hasn’t quite worked out.

ICT: copy and paste and add a text box/caption – Think about your half term… can you share any photos with us about activities you got up to? If you haven’t got any photos of the actual activities try and find one using the resources online. For example, if you were for a walk, where did you go? What did you see? flowers? plants? did you take your dog?

PSHE: Sharing/Being kind – What acts of sharing or kindness are shown throughout the book? Did the greedy bee deserve kindness from others? Or does everyone deserve kindness? Year 1: Can you write a sentence about this. Year 2: Can you write an example of the bees greediness and how someone showed kindness.

Concentration and fine motor activity: Honey bee maze.

Maths: Making a design using 2D shapes: Using shapes around the house (to draw around), can you make your own 2D bee? Could you draw around and colour it in? Labelling the shapes too. Could you draw around and cut out (2D shapes and fine motor skill activity all in one). It’s important you label your shapes somehow too. You could even stretch this activity even further and do a 3D shape honey bee… how could you make that? What sort of 3D shapes would you be using?

Have a good day of learning and I will see you on Zoom on Tuesday morning. Zoom link to follow via parent mail.

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby