The monkey with the bright, blue bottom! 04.02

Hello Class 2!

I hope you have all had a great week so far – keep sending in photos of your learning and remember star of the week will be announced tomorrow during our class zoom!

Art/Design: WALT select a landscape or portrait layout for your design. WALT explore mark making using a range of resources (pens, crayons, paints, pastels etc). Thinking about the book and how the mischievous monkey painted all of the jungle animals, I would like you to think about jungle animals and what you would paint them like if you were the monkey? Would giraffes be brown and yellow – or might they be green with pink spots? Would leopards with yellow with black spots – or might you change their coat to army camouflage?

Research & D.T- Cooking/nutrition: WALT explain where different foods come from and WALT to make a healthy snack. Using your knowledge on monkeys and what they might eat (i’m thinking of bananas mainly… unless you want to make an insect pie?) can you make a healthy snack based on them? This could be using foods you know they’d like (bananas…) or it could be food that may look like them or link to them in some way (monkey shaped bars or monkey shapes sandwiches etc). You need to do some research on where your food (ingredients) may come from and if it is a healthy snack? Or is it just a super tasty snack, but not so healthy…

Spellings: Year 1: school, friend, pull, push, house, full, our, has.

Year 2; floor, gold mind, most, improve, people, whole, many. Please feel free to mix and math from each list as well if needed or stick to one.

P.E/Dance: To get you moving this morning!

Have a great day of learning everyone!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.