Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant! & The Bumblebear 01.03

Happy Monday and Happy St David’s day all!

Next month and new start to the week…how exciting!

The Bumblebear story

English/Research: What are subheadings? Why do we need them? Are they important in all pieces of writing? Try and use subheadings for a piece of writing on Types of bees. I would like you to research 5 different types of bees from around the world (that bit is key!) You’ll need your subheading skills (and know how skills) for an activity later on in the week.

PSHE: Keeping things safe. You will need your balloon for this activity. Now, before we fill it you will need to make it look like a bee of somewhat. Your choice, use a sharpie, stick on eyes etc Anything you like…. Once you have finished your design you will need to fill it with a bit of water – not too full so it’s really heavy but not too tiny either! Your job is to look after your baby bee for the WHOLE WEEK! Making sure it doesn’t come into any danger or harm….Up for the challenge?

Baby Bumble Bee Movement Activity for Kids - The Inspired Treehouse

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant activities:

Activity 1: Who was St David and why is he the Patron Saint of Wales? Whats his story? Make a story board about his life (thinking about key parts to his life. Making sure you put some writing in as well, with key words and remembering those capital letters, full stops and some adverbs and/or adjectives for extra depth!).

Why I create a Story Board at the start of almost every UI/UX project | by  Atin K | UX Planet

Activity 2: Can you make the welsh dragon by using your cutting and sticking skills?

Activity 3: Can you find all the words in the word search?

Activity 4: Welsh to English. What do they following words mean? Can you have a try at saying them as well (Please send in any videos too! I would love this!) Most are linked to Saint David’s day and some are ones I just like… 🙂

Cymru = cennin =

cwtch = picau ar y maen =

Mawrth = siocled =

Caerdydd = cawl=

I hope you all have a lovely day and Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.