Jungle Boogie! 22.01

Happy Friday!

PSHE/Art: create own family portrait (similar to the last page of the story where the monkey is back with his mum and dad).

Science: The book shows the monkey in his habitat, so they could add details from their own homes – what does you habitat look like? Compare it to an animals habitat. What materials do you use? same? different? what have you got in your habitat? bed? kitchen? rooms? stairs? cooker? sink? bath? food? Do they have that too? Use a Venn Diagram to show the differences and the similarities (things that are the same).

Venn Diagrams: Humor, Advice, and Math – Occupy Math
Venn diagram, Middle part is what is the same between your habitat and the animals habitat.

PSHE – importance of family. Make a poster, list, presentation etc of 5 reasons as to why your family is important. For example: They make me safe, they make me happy …

Daily Maths: please see document below:

Life skill: Health and Safety – Do you know what to do in case of an emergency? This emergency can involve getting lost (like in our book), having to call an adult, 999 etc. What information may you need to know? Name, address, phone number, where you are? Who can you trust with this information? Who is a trusting person?

Fine motor activity: Bubble wrap word search! If you have any spare in the house, have mums/dad/grannies/grandads/aunties etc write a little word search on there. Single letters on each bubble (simple words or topic related) and when they find a word they have to pop the bubbles! At the end, you have done spelling, reading and worked on fine motor (only using your finger tips!).