Jungle Boogie! 21.01

Class 2! Well done for a fantastic week of learning so far! Keep sending in photos of your learning as we are still doing Star of the Week on a Friday for those children in school and for those who are at home!

Geography/Art: Make a map of the jungle or use the book and see if you can map it out, and show where each animal lives (birds eye view – give examples). Show where the monkeys would be, who might live near some water? who might live in the darker parts where not a lot of sunlight gets too?

Maths: Arrays and/or grouping. Use your arrays to answer the following questions: Year 1 covers 2, 5 and 10’s.

2 x 5 = 3 x 10 = 2 x 2 = 10 x 5 = 5 x 5 = 6 x 2 = 7 x 5 =

Year 2 covers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10’s ( we have not covered 4 in great detail as of yet and were working on 3’s before Christmas).

3 x 4 = 5 x 3= 10 x 4 = 2 x 4 = 6 x 4 = 10 x 3= 5 x 4= 12 x 5=

Please remember it is rows of how many… for example:

This shows 2 x 4 (2 rows of 4 stars) and 4 x 2 (4 rows of 2 stars).

What are multiplication arrays? (And how to practise them) - Math, Kids and  Chaos

Phonics: Today is the ‘z’ sound. Remember this is a short sound. Mr Thorne and his friend, Geraldine can help.

Daily Maths: please see document below.

Spot the difference: This is a little tricky but it will definitely get their concentration skills going!

gergely dudas differences brainteaser
Please feel free to copy and paste this onto a word document or screen shot it. You can use a paint or annotate app too to make circles or marks on it.

Online learning:


Have a great day of learning all!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.