Jungle Boogie 19.01

Hello Class 2!

I hope yesterday’s learning went well. There was a lot of learning on there but i just wanted to make sure there was a wide variety. REMEMBER – we do not expect every single piece of learning to be completed, especially not in one day! Pick and choose with the options, life skills instead – shoe laces, getting dressed (buttons, zips) etc.

Science: Could you make a food chain using some of the animals in the story? (not the characters, just the animals in general). Try to use these key words; producer, prey and predator. How could you present this? Here are some examples below:

Quick Science Idea : Make Food Chains With Stackable Cups - Danny Nic's  Science Fix
Food chains for KS1 and KS2 children | Food chains homework help |  TheSchoolRun
KS2 Science Year 4 - 2c Animals - Food Chains - The Schools of King Edward  VI in Birmingham

English (We will be looking at this activity on Zoom): describe an animal from the book, Monkey Puzzle. Year1: adjectives and 1 sentence including 2 adjectives. I am expecting neat handwriting on the line, with good letter formation – we did lots on formation before Christmas. Year 2: Descriptive sentences – at least 3. Try to include description about an animal, their habitat (their home) and what might be around it (prey, other animals habitats, scenery etc).

Daily maths: Please find Monday and Tuesday’s daily maths below. You will need your knowledge on arrays and/or grouping for an activity on there.

Phonics: looking at the ‘x’ sound. Go on a scavenger hunt around your house (like Geraldine does) to find lots of objects that have ‘x’ in them. I’ll look forward to your findings!

Have a lovely day of learning everyone!

Mrs Archer, Mr Fox and Miss Bixby.