Jungle Boogie! 18.01

I hope everyone had a very nice weekend? Relaxed and ready for a new week of learning.

Please note we do not expect you to do all of the learning. Home learning is tough and lots of children are finding this change hard. Pace the learning, some days you might whizz through it all, other days you might only get 1 or 2 bits done….that’s ok! Do something different, get the lego out and ask them to build something specific, be the builder and architect, get those fine motor skills going with shaving foam/playdoh/hair gel (searching for words or letters in there, answers to maths questions or animals that they can group).

New week = new book. This week it’s Monkey Puzzle. It’s about a monkey that has lost his mum somewhere in the jungle. Does he find her? Think about how the author uses adjectives and her sentences to describe the animals?

PSHE: Look at the expression of the monkey throughout the story. How is he feeling? Can you try and write down or draw some of his emotions (adjectives are key here as well for those in Year 2 – describe how he is feeling and maybe why…).

Maths: Multiplication/ times ( x 2, x3 x5). To start us off, we should know the 2’s and 5s (Year 1) and getting to know our 3’s and maybe even 4’s (Year 2). To help us even further though, we use a method called grouping or arrays.

Activity sheets: Please do not complete them all. Some are there for a choice based on challenge.

Support/help video links:


P.E: Cosmic Yoga based on jungle animals.

Quick write activity: Please download the latest quick write activity that links in with Monkey Puzzle.

Phonics: To start the week off, we are looking at the W sound. Please use the link below to help you – Mr Thorne. Also, please try and use the sounds we have already learnt too. Recap those and see if they remember, not only the sound but how it looks and how to write it (formation – how does it look written down on a line? does it have a long neck? a tail going under?).

Also, Cbeebies are doing some fantastic lessons! Check out this video on 3D shapes, ancient Egypt and much more!


Have a good day of learning everyone!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.