Jungle Boogie! 15.01

Happy Friday all!

I have loved the photos coming in to see how busy you all are at home. Keep up the great learning!

P.E – please find a wild workout below! It links in nicely to our current topic and who doesn’t love Andy? (Parent’s you do not have to answer that…).

Daily maths: Please find the daily maths document below to download.

Art: LEt’s get our drawing skills up and running then shall we? Fine motor skills usually get used all day, everyday in school, especially our pincer grip. This is a great way to get those pincer grips in action as well as concentration levels and spacial skills. Find the video below where the children can follow a step by step tutorial on how to draw a ‘jaguar’. ROAR!

Life skills: Learn how to fold a piece of clothing – t-shirt, trousers, jumpers etc. This is a great skill to learn and will help their independent skills in school when we are dressing/undressing for P.E.

Have a great day of learning and I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.