Jungle Boogie! 12.01

Good afternoon all.

I hope your first day of learning went well.

Art/Maths – using objects around your house, ICT (word/art/app etc), drawing/cutting out printed shapes, make a jungle animal using 2D and 3D shapes.

Year 1: I expect there to be some use of 3D shapes and all 2D shapes must be labelled.

Year 2: I expect there to be both 2D and 3D shapes used in your art piece. You will need to create a key to show what shapes you used, a tally and the number of how many used. For example:

Cube/ / /3
Triangle/ /2
Cylinder/ / / /4
Example of key.

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could add adjectives in to make it more interesting, specifying a colour or material used. This would make the key more in depth.

Daily maths: Please see document below.

English -rhyming words. Take a look at my words below and see if you can find any words that rhyme with them. All of my words can match to the jungle or a jungle animal in some way – try to remember that when choosing your words. If it doesn’t link with the jungle/jungle animal, have a think about how you could make it link… For example; In my head, I screamed HELP! But out of my mouth, there was no yelp. Yelp means to quickly cry out/shout out.











Don’t forget, you can turn my words into ‘ING’ words too, such as ‘charging’, ‘biting’ or ‘curling’.

Have a good day of learning and we can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.