Jungle Boogie! 08.01

Happy Friday all!

Hope you’ve had a great week with all of our Amazon Rainforest learning.

Comprehension skills: Please use the following reading comprehensions. These are to be read independently (if possible) and the questions should tried to be answered as independently as possible. If they need to read in chunks (matching the question with the area, if needed).

Fine motor skills: Now we aren’t in school, we need to make sure we are keeping our strength up in our hands and fingers. This is very important, especially in Key Stage 1. Writing can be a great way to practise our pincer grip, but that’s not the only way to strengthen our hands.

Ideas: threading beds, Lego, tweezers (using them to pick up objects and sort), pegs, cutting out pictures or cutting along lines, playdoh (creating different shapes – sausages, balls, 8, S, W, M etc), doing up buttons or zips.

Life skill: Choose a life skill that the children can attempt today. Sort out the washing into colours – darks and lights, making their own squash, make a cup of tea (that would be my one!), how to make a sandwich, how to tie their shoe laces (also another very important one in KS1) and to learn to tell the time. The skills are endless! Life skills are so important and it allows the children to become even more independent.

Hope you’ve had a great week of learning and we’ll be in touch next week with our next Jungle Boogie adventure…

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.