Class 2 learning.

Good afternoon all! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a great new year. I know we were all hoping to be back in to start off the brand new year, but until we will do all we can online.

I will be placing learning on the blog as well as mymaths. There will be a mixture of learning, some based on a daily basis or some to complete over a few days – again this is up to you. Split the learning up to what suits your house and do other activities instead – cooking, cleaning, documentaries, sewing, knitting etc.

Here are a few things to get the week started though.

English/Spelling: Use some of these words to write a simple sentences about the Amazon Rainforest – try to think about your senses (what might you smell, hear, taste, see or feel if you were there?).

Also, take some time to practise the spellings of some words – they are a bit tricky! Please work from a list which you think is best.

1: rain, forest, animals, hot, Brazil, village, flowers, leaves. treetop.

2. Brazil, canopy, exotic, tropical, layers, humid, climate, habitat.

You may have to use a dictionary too to find out what some of these mean and why they link to the Amazon rainforest.

Geography: Find out about the Amazon Rainforest. Where is it (which country/part of the world?) What kind of animals does it have? What type of rainforest is it? What other name is it often called? (this is a tricky one), Can you find out anymore interesting facts?

Maths: I have put learning on mymaths but if you have a printer and want to mix it up with a bit of maths and colouring – this is perfect! There are 2, adding and taking away (we have already covered this in class using a number line or counting by placing a number in our heads and counting on or back).

Please do not stress if you cant do all the activities in one day. Just do as much as you can and like previously said there’s lots of learning to be had with every day jobs – life skills.

Have a great day!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.