New spellings.

Afternoon everyone!

The new term has started, with our new topic’ A whole new world’. We have linked some of our spellings words to our new topic, as we suspect we will be using some of these words quite a lot throughout the term. Other words are vital for our basic sentence skills (and some are just those tricky ones we need to learn).

Spellings 1: come, go, where, here, wild, cold, we.

Spellings 2: where, here, we, are (and ‘we’re’), find, there, place, travel.

Spellings 3: we’re, half, beautiful, pretty, water, grass, where, clothes, countries, travel.

Children can choose their own challenge if they want to, but as a little go ahead, Year 1’s should be focusing on spellings 1 (some of spellings 2 – where, here, there) and Year 2’s should be on 2 and above (although if there are gaps then please feel free to dabble in all).

We will be giving the children a set or 2 to work on in our guided groups over the next few weeks and hope to see them using it in their writing (and their verbal vocabulary too!)

Have a lovely evening!

Mrs Archer and Mr Fox.