Morning all!

Spellings are up and running in class. We have ben focusing on lots of the important words that make up many of our sentences.

I’ve grouped them into 3 sections, I will be discussing with the children today which ones they should be working on but it never hurts to just go over those tricky words that you just can’t sound out… ‘one’, ‘your’, ‘said’ and ‘where’ …just to name a few.

Spellings 1: the, that, you, they, them, your, then, my, this, by.

Spellings 2: said, today, were, was, there, our, come, ask, one, once.

Spellings 3: sure, past, behind, bath, most, who, would, should, again, busy.

These words have been chosen specifically as they keep coming up in our writing or conversations in phonics/EMA time (especially those in Spellings 3, as we keep adding ‘r’ into some – parth and barth…).