Dictionary & Thesaurus hunt!

We are on a hunt… a word hunt!

In Class 2 today, we worked on our dictionary and thesaurus skills. We were given a word and had to find it as quickly as we could… they were pretty fast towards the end!

We looked up some words that we may not have come across before and even words linking with our spellings. Hmmm, coincidence…I think not!

Whilst using the dictionary, we looked at what the word was (noun, verb, adjective) and then the meaning. We practised our reading skills and read the meaning to our partners and to the rest of the class. We also tried to use the word in a sentence.

The Thesaurus was hunt was a great activity and everyone worked really hard! We did the same – given a word and quickly searched for it. Once we found it, we looked at all the different words we could use instead. Mrs Archer and Miss Lapwood, gave a sentence and they had to choose a new word to go in there (from the thesaurus) or made up their own.

Everyone did such a good job! Well done all 🙂

Mrs Archer and Miss Lapwood.