Class 2 learning

Hello everybody! Hope you all had a lovely weekend despite the funny old weather we were having. It just couldn’t decide…

General information: My maths will have new activities on Monday 6th July. This will be the final week of learning linked to Britain. Photos of learning for the blog will continue this week and will finish being uploaded on Wednesday 15th July (any received after this date will not be uploaded) – Final collages will be put on the blog on Thursday 16th.

This weeks learning is still linking to our British topic, but it’s all about the Arts. So, famous British artists, Chefs/foods, actors, music/singers, authors, designers.

To make it personal, I am not going to tell you who to research – this is all you guys! I will simply be giving you ideas and layouts/learning objectives for you to meet and you can decide on the artist/chef/designer etc.

  1. Recreate a piece of artwork from a famous artist. You can do this by copying it entirely or jazzing it up a little with new colours or effects. Just like Andy Warhol did with his Marilyn Monroe – he printed her 4 times and made her all different colours!
  2. Passport: Research your actor, musician, artist, designer. Create a passport for them for when they go on their travels. Think Full name, DOB, country they live/lived, where they were born, picture (you could even add a few extras such as making the front of their passport personalised to them such as a piece of art or logo linked to them).
  3. Chef/British dish: What is your favourite British dish? Don’t have one? Time to get experimenting and cooking! This can be a full blown meal or a simple snack! Research the chef who came up with it, why do Britains love it?
  4. Write a set of instructions for your food – imagine you are the chef teaching others how to make it. Think about what you need to include – timings, measurements, prices of the foods they will need etc.
  5. Film/TV review: Time to be the critic! Watch a British made film/TV show and write a review. In the review you need to think about what you loved/liked, disliked, what they could have done better, how many stars you would give it? (Or even how many rotten tomatoes…).
  6. TV host: You are a TV presenter and you have found out that the famous….(chef/artist/singer/dancer etc) is appearing on your show…TODAY! Think about what questions you’d like to ask? What would people like to know and hear about them? Remember you need to have your TV presenter voice on too.
  7. Create packaging: Whether this is in the form of a cake box, DVD case, book front cover, poster, ticket etc. Create some packaging for your famous person (depending on what they do). Think how you would design it and why? I like the Harry Potter films so I would try to design a new DVD case covering for one of them.
  8. Make a comparison between 2 of your famous people. I think Venn Diagrams are a great way to show this or you could take it one step further (it’s much harder and needs a LOT of thought) you could do a Carroll diagram to look at the differences and similarities between may famous British people.

Looking forward to see all of your incredible learning this week. Next week (the last week of learning), we will look into transition activities, ways to remember your time in Class 2 (especially our Year 2’s who will be moving up to a new class) and some insights into Septembers learning!

Have a great week of learning all 🙂

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.