Class 2 last week of learning!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and are looking forward to your summer holidays.

Before the learning, I want to thank you all for being such a wonderful class. My first year in D’Arcy has been an excellent one (and a strange one but only due to what’s going on) and I am so proud of you and your hard work throughout the year! I also want to thank Mum’s and Dad’s for all the support you have given this year before and during Lockdown! I know I was quite a shock at the start of the year with being new, talking funny and being a Tiny bit strict… I have had an amazing year with you all and I am only sorry I didn’t get to spend the whole year with all of my Class 2.

Some of you will sadly be leaving Class 2 and moving up to the wonders of Class 3! Some of you get to stay with myself and Mr Fox an extra year… Lucky? Maybe…

This week will be about transition and remembering your time in Class 2.

Transition activities:

Personal passport: make a transition passport for your next teacher. That includes a photo of you, your name, things you like, dislike, topics/subjects you like/dislikes and most importantly what you think is helpful and unhelpful in the classroom. This is such a great way of us teachers getting to know you before you actually get in.

Wishing jar/star/balloon etc: make a list of things you’d like to achieve in the next year. These can be both to do with school and personal ones ( because we could even help at school too). Learn an instrument? Swimming? Make more friends? Learn how to whistle! Who knows – they’re your wishes ⭐🌟

A letter to Mr Este/Mrs Archer: write a letter to Mr Este/Mrs Archer about something you would really love to learn about and why? You have to try and persuade him/her that your idea/topic is soooo amazing that it would be silly not to learn about it! Could it be… dinosaurs? Building a time machine? Why you should be able to have p.e/art/science lessons 4 times a week… Its up to you. Good luck persuading!


Think back to your time in Class 2…what was your best memory? Was it doing art with Mr Fox? Miss Jenkins terrible dancing in P. E lessons? Children in need where we got to spot the teachers? The time where The BIG BAD HAIRDRYER blew down your paper creations, the class zoom calls?… Have a look back through the blogs or thinking about the topics we did to try and remember.

Memory board: this can be a collage of photos, mixture of learning, comments about the year or different drawings/learning/notes about the different topics we did. Reminisce over your time in Class 2 with your teachers and most importantly your friends.

I’ll leave you with those activities for now and more will be put on throughout the week – especially since we’ll be doing our Sports Day this Thursday! I will put lots of our activities on the blog so you guys can join in!

Have a great week of learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.