Tuesday’s learning.

A great start to a new week everyone! We have seen some lovely learning already on Queen Victoria. Let’s keep up this great presentation and effort.

English: you did a great job with the timelines on Queen Victoria. Now, make a fact file/profile about her. Include her full name, date of birth, where she was born, if she had any brothers/sisters, husbands, children, how long she was Queen… Lots to think about!

Maths/History/Research: Find out about typical Victorian jobs, lives, clothes, toys etc (you can pick one or all it doesn’t matter) and sort them into ‘rich’ and ‘poor’. Remember the middle part is for both.

Also, you can look at the cards below, and see if they fit into any ‘rich’ or ‘poor’ parts of the Venn diagram and why…

PSHE: Did it matter back then if you were rich or poor? What does it mean to be rich/poor? Does it matter now? Why? Can you be rich and poor in other ways not just in money?

Have a great day of learning!