Tuesday’s learning

Hope everyone had a fun day of learning today and enjoyed the sunshine!

With our new topic which is looking at ‘Our Country‘, i would like you to carry out some map work! We’ve previously done some map work but it’ll be good to refresh your memories.

Geography: Looking and completing a map of the U.K. Year 1: looking at the countries and the seas/oceans – challenge yourself with the capital cities and flags too! Year 2: countries, capital cities, the seas/oceans, flags and any landmarks (Big Ben etc). Feel free to download the template attached.

English/Research: Pick a member of the current Royal family to research. For example, The Queen. Find out her full name, birthday, where she was born, siblings, where she grew up and lots of other facts about her.

Art/D.T: Can you make a flag linked to the United Kingdom? You have 5 to choose from…(including the Union Jack). Think if you want your flag to fly – what will it need? Do you want it to be a mosaic type piece? 3D piece?

Have a good day and can’t wait to see your photos!

Have a good day of learning – Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.