Tuesday’s learning

Lovely Roman learning coming in – lots of Roman numerals being completed too! Very happy teacher!

Tuesday’s learning, we are sticking with the Romans and we are looking at their buildings and the roads/routes!

Research: Research a famous Roman building. You have lots to choose from; Parthenon, Colosseum, St Peters Basilica, Arch of Constantine, Baths of Caraclla… the list is endless! (They were very busy people!). Find out about the building and what it was used for/built for, can you take a tour inside it? look at pictures? see the different levels, features. One of my favourites was the Parthenon. This was amazing inside and I was lucky enough to see a ceremony when I visited. The artwork and architecture is beautiful!

Literacy/Spelling/Problem solving: Looking at the download below, find out about Roman Britain. They had town names (a little different to ours now). Work out which towns are mixed up – they’ve been scrambled up!

Also, can you work out what the Roman towns are called now? You may need a map of Britain and a grown up to help with this, but it’s always good to have a try by yourself first!

Have a great day exploring Roman Britain!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.