Monday’s learning.

New week, new learning!

This week we will be focusing on William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth 1.

We will start our week off with the great William Shakespeare. Below is a link for bbc to find out about him and a Cbeebies video full of facts about his life.

Create a game called ‘Odd one out’. Write down some facts about William Shakespeare and also some false statements (lies…). Then, have someone in your family try to figure out which are correct and which are false. Or have a family member write down the facts and false statements and you have to try and sort them (based on what you have found out).

Challenge: find out the link between William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth 1…

Maths: Find something around the house to represent these fractions: 1(whole), 1/2 (half) , 1/4 (one quarter) , 3/4 (three quarters). You can use foods like cake, pizza, biscuits, apples, oranges or use your toys like lego, toy food. Get creative! Year 2s, you can look into fractions like 1/6, 1/5, 3/6, 2/4…are there any links? Can you add any together? Like 1/2 + 1/2? Or 1/4 + 3/4? Make some sums up!

Have a great day of learning.

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.