Welcome back!

Hope everyone had a lovely and safe half term! There was plenty of sunshine for us.

Our final Summer term will be on ‘Our country’. We will spend the term looking at everything British, past, present and maybe even the future…

Topic words & Spellings: Year 1s – Please focus on the country names first, but please challenge yourself further. Year 2 – focus on all. Britain, Wales, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, pride, nation, capital, city/cities, royal, United Kingdom, monarchy, county, country.

ICT/Research/History: Choose a specific part of the country to investigate. You could choose the county Essex or you could pick somewhere else like cities Edinburgh or Cardiff. Research what you will find there (any old buildings, memorable moments there), population, is the town/city/area famous for something? (Like Tiptree is for their jam).

English: Create a Tourist information booklet/Tourist information leaflet. Pretend you are a Travel Agent and your job is to get as many people as you can to visit the area (the area you researched). You will need to make it sound exciting and give them lots of information on what’s there, what the area is like (village, city, busy, calm, beautiful etc), some local hotel options, recommended places to visit/eat/events – like fireworks display, war reenactment, drama piece etc. This is a big project, so don’t worry if you take a few days completing it – I’d love to see some finished ones at the end of the week or beginning of next week.

My maths – My Maths has been updated with some new topic work linking to fractions. I will be posting additional learning on fractions this week on the blog too. Don’t forget – lots of you still have learning outstanding on there. Please complete those before moving onto the fractions.

I hope you have a great day of learning and I will see some of you tomorrow. Remember, you are not to bring anything with you and we are coming in at the main door at 9:15a.m.

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.