Wednesday’s Learning

Hope you all had a great day of learning yesterday – I know I had a great time seeing it all.

BSL activity: Learn some family BSL signs. You can link this with your previous learning of greetings and finger spelling. Try signing god morning Mum/Dad/Sister etc today and see if they can recognise and reply.

D.T: Linking to the story and possibly the Year 2’s learning of creating an alternative ending, we would like you to research some recipes involving turnips…

I love parmesan crusted crushed turnips! What would the recipe look like for that? Could you make it and try it? Or is there a tasty cake you could make instead? See if you can find a cool new recipe and make something tasty!

Parmesan crusted crushed turnips.. looks super tasty 🙂 Yummmm!!

Maths: Looking at the recipe, what ingredients do you need and what measurements have you used? Use your weighing skills for this and see if you can compare different ingredients and their weights.

Looking forward to your cooking skills today and looking at the different measurements for ingredients. This is such an important skills in maths but also such an important life skill!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.