Wednesday’s learning.

Happy mid-week everyone!

Loving the photos so far – keep them coming!

Maths: Making a bar graph. A bar graph is where you gather information and put it into blocks/bars. So, how do people travel to school by using a car, bike, bus or walk. Below I have shown how many people use those different ways by using bars. I have the number going up on the side and I have the options going along the bottom.

Make a bar graph of how many different animals come into your garden or how many different plants are in your garden. You might have to just pick the ones seen the most and not try to pick too many! If you have squared paper – great! If not, you can always use lined or plain paper, or better yet make it creative! Get the chalks on the floor or get building a bar graph using Lego!

Geography: Map making. Pretend you are a bee and you are about to go down into your garden for some tasty, fresh nectar – yummmmm! Can you draw out a map of your garden? Think about what the bee would see high up (this is called a birds eye view). For example, this is a birds eye view of a classroom and a street.

My maths has been updated again and I would love to see lots of you completing some more of the learning on there. I have left some messages too 🙂

Mr Hopegood has found this for our new topic! Looks great doesn’t it? The bug hotel would be great in your garden for more than just bees. Also, he found us a Bee identification sheet that you can do in your gardens or on your daily walks/exercise.
Thanks Mr Hopegood!

Have a good day of learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.