Thursday’s learning

Well done so far for some great learning – I am really enjoying all of the photos coming in!

Literacy: Book review – after listening/reading through the story of James and the giant peach, create a book review on it. Think about who wrote it and illustrated it, your favourite part, favourite character and why, what part might you change? How many stars would you give it? Can you recreate the book front cover? (There are lots of layouts online if you’d like to use one – two available to download below).

Art/PSHE/Mindfulness: Take some time to cut out and/or colour some of your own mini beasts. I’ve attached some 2D shape cut out mini beasts but please feel free to create your own!

Also, attached is some detailed colouring sheets for mini beats. Colouring is such a great way to improve concentration, colour recognition and fine motor skills.

D.T: You guys have been great at cooking and making meals/snacks over the term so it only feels right to give you one last one! Try and make a meal/snack using a peach. Are you going to make something sweet like cake or an ice cream or are you going to add it to a salad or pickle some peaches? Hmmm… I can’t wait to see your creations!

You could even just have a peach and create a masterpiece!