Thursday’s learning.

BSL activity: using the BSL dictionary. Just like any other language, BSL also has a dictionary. Using the link below, look for some story related words you can learn. You could look for words like: cat, dog, farmer, lady etc.

Science: What floats or sinks? Using different vegetables/fruits/plants etc around the house, see which items would be best in water. What sinks? Why does it sink? Why does it float? What makes if different? Think texture, weight.

Maths: create a table of your science results. You can show this by using your bar graph skills from last week using 2 bars floats/sinks. You could even add an additional bar submerged to the middle (in the water) for a little while before floating/sinking. Get creative with how you show us.

Literacy: create a word search/ crossword from the words you found this week using your thesaurus! This will help with your spellings and memory skills, and you can test those in your house too!

Have a good day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.