Monday’s learning.

Good evening everyone!

Sorry for the delay in uploading, my house had a quick power cut and the WIFI wouldn’t connect for a while!

Last week was National Deaf Awareness week. With VE approaching I wanted to make sure we had activities for that important event, but didn’t want this to go unnoticed either. So, each day there will be a BSL activity for you to complete ( Both myself and Mr Fox are HUGE advocates of BSL and how it helps us as learners and within our communities).

Today’s BSL activity: Our class has previously learnt some British Sign Language (BSL) especially using finger spelling. Finger spelling is a great tool to help improve fine motor skills, memory, brilliant for kinaesthetic learners, helps with the recognition of letters, improves growth mindset and makes spelling a visual! What more could you ask for!

Please refer to the for specific left/right handed alphabets if wanting to be more specific and/or for more details on BSL.

This week’s learning will revolve around a very large vegetable story – The Enormous Turnip!

This is such a good read and one where you can really make your own and keep improving it (we’ll look forward to that in the week).

To start off the week, here are some connecting words to the story. We would like you to use your thesaurus hunting skills to find bigger and better words!

Spellings/thesaurus skills: This weeks spellings are down to you! You can either use the ones I have provided and use the thesaurus as a separate activity to improve knowledge on vocabulary or use that time to create your very own spellings based on the words provided – using the ‘high ceiling’ approach to learning!

big,     grew,     tasty,      eat,      fell,      dig,      ran/run,       pull,       confused,         think.

Literacy: Thinking of the story, create a comic strip and put in speech for the characters. You can choose whatever layout suits you for the comic strip and can use our previous learning on Onomatopoeia – ‘WHOOSH!’ ‘BANG!’.

Remember, when we use speech we put only the spoken words into the speech marks (66 and 99 – “Hello mum” said Ethan).

Spot the different: This type of activity is great for concentration, thinking skills, notice small details and increase memory! I’ve put two below for you to have a try or you’ll find a specific ‘Enormous turnip’ spot the different on Twinkl (linked below).

I hope you have a great day of learning and I can’t wait to see the learning taking place for our new story The Enormous Turnip and your BSL skills!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.