Incomplete My Maths.

Good morning.

I have updated my maths this morning with additional learning (I’ve have also extended the dates on some as they were quite short!) and a big well done for all the hard work going on from most.

Unfortunately, whilst doing this, I have seen there is a lot of outstanding my maths. Some have not yet logged in to complete any learning. If you are having any difficulties logging in, please let us know and this can be sorted quickly.

Please ensure that you are completing maths at least a few times a week (if not small bits daily) and please try to make one or some of those a My Maths activity. This is a way I can still assess the children and I can give customised learning in areas where they have found tricky or have excelled in.

Some will find themselves completing a range of different topics if not kept up to date.

I will check for any improvements over the weekend and be in contact next week. Login: tolleshunt Password: rectangle258. Please find your child’s unique login and password needed for ‘My portal’ in their home school log.

Many thanks,

Miss Jenkins.