Welcome to the Summer term!

I hope you all had a lovely ‘holidays’ and didn’t eat too much chocolate… I definitely did! So, I will be doing the Joe Wicks daily exercise today and lots of other activities to work it off over the next few weeks (good thing I don’t have any more chocolate eggs left!).

Since it’s the Summer term (SUMMER, SUMMER, SUMMER TIME!) and we have all been enjoying the sun and the luxury of our homes, we thought it would be lovely to focus our learning this term on ‘All things bright and beautiful!’. As you can guess, it will involve lots of living things such as plants, animals, the world around us, geography etc!

To kick off the week, a great story and one most (if not all) of you know, Jack and the beanstalk. Everyday I will put learning up linking to this story or linking to our topic.

Todays learning:

Literacy – Year 1 – Write a shopping list for Jack off his mother. Think about what she may want/need from the shop. What are those important items you need in the kitchen/house?

Year 2 – Write a letter to Jack from his mother explaining what you need from the shop and why. What items do you need? Specific items and what you will be using them for? Is she going to bake a cake? What one? Is she going to make a pie? How much flour will she need? Is there a time he is expected back? How much money have you left Jack? What is important for Jack to remember when he walks to the shop? Walk carefully on the pavement, look out for cars etc.

Spelling – These are some Year 1and 2 spelling words that could have a great link to the story!

money, could, gold, climb, most, half, whole,every sold, break, beautiful.

Challenge your spellings further (and try to use them this week in your learning) by using:

actually, experiment, busy, though, possible, weight, guide.

ICT: Looking under a microscope or using zoom! There is a great website you can use (it’s free to sign up!) called ‘Explorify‘. This website provides close ups (extra, extra close ups!) of animals, plants, vegetables etc. Pick one and start guessing what it may be? Think about why it could be that. Zoom out a little and see if the opinion changes (this will provide good conversation, thinking and reasoning skills). https://explorify.wellcome.ac.uk

Also, you could copy and paste some photos of different plants onto word and test someone in the house. Zoom in on the photo, see if they can guess? What do they think it is and why? Zoom out slowly, maybe give them some clues.

My maths has been updated and there will be additional maths learning on the blog during the week as well. I am still waiting for lots of you to complete some of the pieces and I will be keeping a close eye on it. I have left some messages on there for those of you that have completed pieces and I can see lots of you are doing very well! So big thumbs up from myself and Mr Fox!

The blog will cover all curriculum areas during the week. Ofcourse, we don’t not expect you to complete all of the learning if it isn’t possible, but we would like you to try and cover as much as you can – without adding any stress to learning (keeping it fun, exploratory and creative!) If you need any further assistance and support please email the school and we can help.

I want to remind you all to stay safe, keep washing your hands and make sure you keep smiling! We miss you all terribly and can’t wait to see you all again, hopefully very soon!

Have a good, fun day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.