Wednesdays learning.

I hope your creative skills were well explored with yesterdays learning!

Today is the day where i need lots of scientists! I know everyone has been out in their gardens and we’ve even had some lovely photos put on the blog about planting – so you’re ahead of the game!

ICT was linked closely to science, where i was asking you to look at the plants,compare and create conversation! Plants are todays topic too! I want you to think about how plants grow from a seed? What happens to it? What is the process?

There are lots of videos online that can help with this or you can write down the process on different pieces of paper and get the children to put them in the correct order (sequencing – nice link to maths too!).

Also, think about what parts there are to a plant? What are their jobs? For example, the roots. Why does a plant need them? What do they do? I am expecting lots of you to record your information some how, using ICT, poster with labels or simply writing it down – it’s your choice!

P.E: running/dodging activities (pretend you are running from the Giant or that you are Jack who threw his magic beans in lots of different places in the garden and now you are having to dodge the bean stalks!) I can’t wait to see what you guys do for this. 🙂

Lego challenge: You and your friends are going to build a tree house! What will it look like? Maybe make a plan beforehand. What would you like in there? Windows? ladder? comfy seats etc.

Have a good day of learning!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.