Tuesdays learning.

Evening! I will be posting learning the evening before from here on as it was sensibly pointed out that lots of you are still working and sometimes do not have the opportunity to check that morning. This way it gives the opportunity to run through the learning and/or prepare the evening or early morning before. Thank you! 🙂

I hoping you are all keeping busy and fit! If you want something a little different from Joe Wicks today (or both!) then here is a Kidz Bop dance along! I quite like this song too 🙂

Our story to look at this week is Jack and the beanstalk and we can make some great Maths links to this story! Measuring – I’d like you to use objects around your house and measure them or go out into the garden and look at your very own GIANT beanstalks…or normal sizes flowers/plants will be ok too if you aren’t as lucky as Jack!

Now you can measure using rulers, measuring tape or meter stick or get creative! Measure in length of tins, feet, hands, candles! Whatever you guys can get your hands on (that you are allowed of course!).

Art: To keep the creative aspect going, time to explore some painting! I want you to help out in the kitchen this time and once you are done with all the vegetable scraps/peelings you can use them to paint! Can’t wait to see what you guys create.

PSHE: caring for plants, animals and the world around us. Why do we need to take care of our world? What do you do to help? How does it help? Think about planting flowers – how does that help? Bird feeders? recycling?

LEGO challenge: Captain Hook needs a new pirate ship! Try and create him the greatest pirate ship he has ever seen!

Get stuck in and have a good day!

Miss Jenkins and Mr Fox.